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    Beijing Dongcheng District
    Dongcheng 2019 Summer Anti-Cult Publicity Campaign opened
    ? The 2019 Dongcheng Public Culture Festival opened
    ? Dongcheng District actively promotes the work related to innovation and entrepreneurship
    ? Dongcheng Archives was honored Excellent Organizing Prize for the Archives Knowledge Contest
    ? Dongcheng District will initiate the activity on the theme of “Find the Most Law-based Community in Celebration of the National Day and a Law-based Society”
    ? Dongcheng Social Relief Management and Consultation Station made a themed short promotion video
      Visa and entry exit   Delicious Food   Lodgings  
      Traffic   Shopping   Cultural Performances  
      Dongcheng Meetings Market Outline
    Incentive Scheme
    Meeting Hotels
    Unique Venues
    Enterainment Venues
    Service Providers
    MICE Cases in Dongcheng
    Dongcheng Meeting Facilities Map
    Theme Tour Famous Commercial Streets
    ?Special Streets——enjoying elegance and relaxing time
    ?Assembly of Drama-------experiencing resplendent flourishing of modern Beijing
    ?Cultural Museums and former residences of Celebrities ——savoring the history and culture with extensive knowledge and profound scholarship
    ?The Four-sided Courtyard——the former imperial city’s charm with long history
    ?Donglai Shun Muslim Restaurant
    ?Ding Xiang Yu Gang Dalian Seafood Restaurant
    ?Huafu Club House
    ?Lu Meng Zither (Guqin)
    ?1000 Long Island Seafood Co. Ltd (Wan Long Zhou Seafood)